Prompt: Develop a vignette or vignettes that feature a non-linear narrative and whose message is based on a vision of community. How you choose to interpret ‘community’ is up to you.

When I was first storyboarding for this project, the first things I thought of in regards to community was…

Prompt: Select a short passage from Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons. Develop a vignette that visually interprets the chosen passage. Use the words of the passage as a jumping off point towards a simple idea you wish to express.

As I explored Tender Buttons, I was extremely confused. I didn’t see…

How can we create a visual story without sound or color given the prompt of a single word?

My original word to work with was transform.

My first step in any project is to research the content provided. In this case, I combed over every definition of transform I could…

For this project, we were given the term ‘liminality.’ I decided that liminality, to me, meant an in-between space. I interpreted this in a lot of ways, whether that was a literal in-between space of doors and windows, religious rites of passage, or movie opening credits.

I really tried to…

Kateri Gemperlein-Schirm

Boston University MFA Graphic Design

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